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, the head of fox news said to his staff before the election, it looks like obama is winning. don't act like somebody ran over your dog. some did, but mostly they didn't. >> we live in an age now where this is possible to be sealed away from it be that does not agree with your own. is it really that different from the way the press used to behave? we live in an age of cable news network. is it now possible for one point of view it ever really except another point of view? view?cept abonother point of >> you are right about history. a big part of my book recounts the history of journalism from the invention of the written word to the year 2042. what i find is over and over again that golden period that so many people refer to is basically a golden age of media. contrary to media trends of the media getting cheaper and cheaper, there with the creation of a medium that was slightly more essential. required assembling enormous audiences, and how do you do that? it marginalizes outsiders and appeals to a broad middle. if you want to watch television, you will have to find yourself identifying wit
give a dam about, and make a very interesting -- you don't give a damn about, and make it very interesting. please welcome brooke gladstone. [applause] >> thank you for coming tonight. i will like to start with your book. you talk about a number of media bias is. one of my favorites is the narrative bias. the media takes a story and a matter what it is, come up with a beginning, middle, and an end. we have just gone through an election in which there were thousands of just such recorded a events. i am wondering - do you think we miss a lot when presidential elections are treated primarily as a four year heavyweight battle to the death beginning literally the day after the last election as health? >> we miss some things. i am careful not to complete the condemn horse race covers. that is a big part of the story. the problem is what is being covered? 1 gets completely fixated and it unt for who said this. some of these are quite revealing. you have here 47% remark which anyone would argue -- your 47% in march which anyone could argue could be extremely revelatory. he said he did
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2